Collab Universe

Collab Universe is the premiere upcoming entertainment application. It serves to generate sustainable revenue for creators & affiliate organisations in the entertainment industry. It provides unique fan experience through “Collab Contracts” which allow fans to view work on artwork being completed in real-time (via live streams, video content, audio media, written work or visual images) and offer feedback which can influence the end outcome of the work.

Collab will provide a profitable ecosystem & educational opportunities for creators in a diverse array of fields, ensure that users' voices are heard, and provide opportunities to purchase premium content (film exclusives, musical exclusives, NFT & physical artwork) using credit card payments, PayPal / Stripe & in-app currency.

Collab will serve tasteful, tailored ads from our corporate partners: we have already established partners which include Roc Nation, OVO Sound, Cash Money Records, Bad Boy
Entertainment and Sony ATV. Our innovative approach to content & business (along with our wealth of IT / entertainment industry experience) sets us apart from our competitors. We will leverage their existing users and artists to ensure that the app scales to profitability and provides investors with positive ROI in 2023.

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